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Hydrating Treatments (No Delivery To East Malaysia)
Hydrating Treatments (No Delivery To East Malaysia)
Hydrating Treatments (No Delivery To East Malaysia)

No Delivery To East Malaysia


Tiada Penghantaran Ke Timur Malaysia





Floralife Quick Dip

Floralife Quick Dip is an instant hydrating treatment that helps maximize solution uptake and keeps flower stems free flowing.

It helps reduce flower scrap, aids in reducing bent neck and droopy stems. It optimize water uptake for flowers.  It clears the blockage of air bubble and contaminants in the stem so it optimizes the water uptake for flowers. A must for Roses, Gerbera. Daisies and field grown crops.


Floralife Finishing Touch Spray  

It helps to maximize the natural freshness of fresh cut flower bouquets, floral designs, and evergreens. Is an instant hydrating treatment which reduces water loss, keeping flowers more vibrant.

It helps to prevent premature petal drop, dehydration and browning. Safe to apply for all flower types.


**Floral arrangement in vases or floral foam, whenever flowers have a water source


Floralife Crowning Glory Spray  

It keep floral arrangement fresher, this easy to apply liquid shield that holds in moisture which reduce water loss, keep flowers more vibrant.

Often used in delicate traditional wedding flowers, such as gardenias, stephanotis, roses and lilies, where the arrangement are in no or little water source.


**Floral arrangement like corsages, wristlet, boutonnieres, when flowers have a limited or no water source




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